Tuesday, June 8, 2010

b2b lead generation blog

All I really have to say is that Brian Carroll, author of B2B Lead Generation Blog, is a fellow industry thought leader and marketing sensation. Yes, he has years of experience, the best blog ever and a successful company. And yes, I still consider him a peer. Ok, ok. So he's basically my marketing role model, not my peer.

I am a little bitter that he hasn't been updating frequently. Yeah, ok, he's probably busy actually implementing the lead gen ideas he writes about... But let's focus on what's important - blogging. If you read this guy's blog and don't come up with like 30 ideas right after... well, there's no hope for you. Or you just can't read. In which case... How are you on the internet?!

Anyway, the best part of his blog is an entry in his 8 part Lead Generation Checklist. Here is his multi-modal lead generation mind map. And here is my prettier version that I fill out before my monthly marketing meetings.
And just like my dance moves... You can use it, but you can't steal it.